It is no news that the Democratic Party took a great bite which was evidently too big to swallow as their well planned Sham Impeachment scandal did not end up so well. President Donald Trump emerged acquitted of both charges levelled against him.

Now they already have lined up possible charges if they choose to pursue President Trump’s impeachment further. Still pending is a wide-open probe launched by Rep. Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat. who has tirelessly been investigating President Trump, his family and businesses, the Trump Organization, over the congressman’s suspicions of blackmail, money laundering and bribery in a bid to implicate the American President.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said Thursday that Trump investigations will go on. Meanwhile, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York said after Wednesday’s Senate acquittal that it’s “likely” the Ukraine probe will go on. His committee also has been investigating any Trump-Russia election conspiracy.Senate trial defense team, on Fox News.

President Donald Trump on his own took shots at Schiff and the Democratic Party following his acquittal

“So we will probably have to do it again, because these people have gone stone-cold crazy, but I have beaten him all my life and I will beat him again if I have to,”

Mr. Trump said at a post-Senate acquittal celebration at the White House. “But what they are doing is very unfair.”Mr. Schiff, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, announced an anti-Trump staff investigation on Feb. 6, 2019, upon taking control of the committee. Some of his allegations mirror claims pushed by opposition research firm Fusion GPS and its co-founder Glenn Simpson — organizers of the discredited Democratic Party-funded dossier spread all over Washington

“The unwillingness of the Democrats to accept the results of their gross abuse of their constitutional power is a crime against the public trust,” John M. Dowd, Mr. Trump’s former defense counsel, told The Washington Times. Mr. Schiff’s Trump plans came one month before former special counsel Robert Mueller released an extensive report whose bottom line was: no Trump-Russia election conspiracy.
Mr Schiff’s allegations, which remain under investigation:

In summary, we have seen the Democrats in their desperation to get rid of President Trump manufacture scheme after scheme, plot after plot, lie after lie and even fake witnesses but as expected the righteous ended up vindicated. We therefore keep our fingers crossed to see how events will unfold in the coming days even as we approach the Presidential elections.

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Dennis Waterman
Dennis Waterman
5 months ago

Seriously! The habitual liar? Enough already! How about doing your fucking jobs for a change? And what ever happened to have real, authenticated evidence that an actual crime has been committed before you drag someone through court proceedings?
And why isn’t someone being held accountable for the countless lies and complete fabrications constantly thrown at our president? Talk about abuse of office!
Don’t you people understand the damage you are causing to our country? Our people? Our way of life?